Giorno and others for Brutalism


May be we have to talk about Brutalism, beyond the academic limits which are delicately boring and not sufficient for an honest epistemology of contemporary esthetics and global urban scene…Don’t we live in a kind of neo-post-traumatic decade in which all the past historical-esthetical contexts of Modern Age have been re-loaded again and again, just like Baroque Wells, in Liebnizian sense… In fact, that is very exciting and culturally fertile experience, but also symptomatic in terms of failure of all modernist reductionist attempts. Through all this blur frame, Brutalism in art and architecture and its allied creations (not only synchronic, but also symptomatic, i.e. Pop-Art, Beat in literature, cinema) in different fields are always fresh, healing, expressionistic and inspiring. Why?

Here I collected some images of mine…”John Giornio”, the poet, performing his “Thanx 4 Nothing”, filmed and installed by “Udo Rondinone” at the 2016 exhibition in Tokyo Palace, Paris; a Jean Dubuffet installation, “Winter Garden”, at the Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, from a show in 2009; the corner of the housing settlement “Le Grand Parois” by the architect Jean Fayeton (1969-1971), that I took in 2011 and some excerpts from Chris Marker’s documentary “Grin without a cat (1977)”, in which he  exposed by a wonderful and inspiring montage,  recent history of the global rise and fall of the Left in post-war 20th century…

May be it’s time for us, to think again, why Angry Young Men of the late 50’s and 60’s rejected not only pseudo-regionalism of their time, but also bright, shiny, perfect minimalist –romantism of the bourgeois in favor of fetishistic realism…


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